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From Dieter Loeschky <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 13:09:20 GMT

I'm with the code base since the very first beginning.
While still being an Oracle employee, my engagement here will be on an 
individual base.

Here are some aspects of my OOo history in a nutshell:

- started at Star Division as lead developer of the Impress application
C++ implementation in core and UI, integration of the Drawing Layer, 
Edit Engine, SFX, etc.

- project lead of the graphics project at OOo
kicked off the graphics project which includes Impress, Draw, Chart, 
Drawing Engine, etc.

- project lead of the i18n project at OOo
kicked off the i18n project which focus on all aspects of 
internationalization and Unicode support

- co-lead of the performance project at OOo
kicked off the performance project which takes care of startup and 
load/save performance

- member of the OOo engineering steering committee

- coaching internal (at Star Division, Sun and Oracle) and external 
developers over years, intensive team building

- deep knowledge about the office market and product requirements

- deep knowledge about building and delivering OOo releases in time and 
in best quality

ODF related work
- helped to initiate the ODF standardization at OASIS
- helped to initiate the ODF Toolkit project at
- member of the engineering steering committee of the project

I would love to see one united project and hope that this 
Apache project can be the base of all OOo flavors.


Am 07.06.11 19:12, schrieb
> By my count we have now have over 60 individuals listed on as proposed
> committers for the Apache OpenOffice project.   I think this is a
> respectable start, though obviously the project will need to have a strong
> commitment to recruiting additional developers and growing the project
> further,
> On the list are many names on the list familiar to me, some from the
> community,  some ODF experts, some involved in training and
> certification, some in globalization,  some from downstream projects,
> commercial and open source, Symphony, RedOffice, EducOOo, even some TDF/LO
> names.
> There are also a lot of names that I do not recognize.  This is good as
> well.  I may have need of some new friends soon ;-)
> I think it would be good if the proposed committers who have not yet done
> so, could post a quick note to the list, to introduce yourself and your
> interest in this project.   Think of this as an opportunity to introduce
> yourself to your future collaborators on Apache OpenOffice.
> Regards,
> -Rob
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