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From Simon Brouwer <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 23:24:52 GMT
Hi all,

My name is Simon Brouwer. For my profession, I develop electronics and 
firmware for auto-ID equipment such as hand-held data collection 
terminals. In my free time I have been active in since 
2001 and have been project lead of the Dutch native-lang subproject 
since its beginning in 2002.
My contributions include making Dutch spell checking available in OOo, 
authoring most of web content, coordinating the Dutch 
OOo community, writing the "t9n tools" that greatly helped with the 
translation of the online help to Dutch (and some other languages too), 
and providing a number of Dutch builds for Windows until Hamburg took over.
Following up on the Dutch spell checking, I later co-founded the 
OpenTaal project, which provides free Dutch linguistics resources that 
are used in and many other open source projects.
I have some programming experience in C/C++ and Java and have built from source under Windows and Linux.
Although I have been very busy at work and will be for the foreseeable 
future, I hope to find some time to contribute to the continued success 

Best regards,
Simon Brouwer

Op 7-6-2011 19:12, schreef:
> By my count we have now have over 60 individuals listed on as proposed
> committers for the Apache OpenOffice project.   I think this is a
> respectable start, though obviously the project will need to have a strong
> commitment to recruiting additional developers and growing the project
> further,
> On the list are many names on the list familiar to me, some from the
> community,  some ODF experts, some involved in training and
> certification, some in globalization,  some from downstream projects,
> commercial and open source, Symphony, RedOffice, EducOOo, even some TDF/LO
> names.
> There are also a lot of names that I do not recognize.  This is good as
> well.  I may have need of some new friends soon ;-)
> I think it would be good if the proposed committers who have not yet done
> so, could post a quick note to the list, to introduce yourself and your
> interest in this project.   Think of this as an opportunity to introduce
> yourself to your future collaborators on Apache OpenOffice.
> Regards,
> -Rob
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Vriendelijke groet,
Simon Brouwer.

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