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From Malte Timmermann <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 16:16:19 GMT

my name is Malte Timmermann, and I work on the code base of since 1991 - almost from the beginning.

It started with StarDivision, later acquired by Sun, later acquired by 
Oracle. While still being an Oracle employee, my engagement here will be 
on an individual base.

Among the many things that I have implemented for OOo are the first 
version of the multi-platform Help System and compiler (and designing 
the XML version later), the Basic IDE, different widgets and remote 
support for VCL, the UNO AWT Toolkit and Uno Controls with MVC 
separation for using them in multi-view documents, and parts of the XML 
digital signatures.

My biggest contribution probably was the EditEngine, which is used for 
text IO in Calc, Impress and the Drawing objects.
When starting this, I was told to create some "lightweight" editor for 
Impress - and it ended up with a huge beast capable of many text 
processing features, including all the stuff you need for vertical and 
right-to-left writing, rotated text and text flow in a polygon.

Later I became responsible for the project to make 
accessible, which was really challenging because of OOo's own GUI 
toolkit and because of all existing Accessibility APIs not being 
complete enough for exposing complex document content.

So I spent a lot of time in designing the Uno Accessibility API (which 
later was used by IBM as the starting point for IAccessible2), and with 
having many discussions with people from JAA, ATK and with different AT 
projects and vendors.

I still work in the area of Accessibility, be it for the 
application, or for ODF. I am a member of the OASIS ODF TC and it's 
Accessibility SC.

When in 2006 the first security issues with OOo have been reported, I 
got the job to take care for StarOffice and OOo security and the 
handling of security issues. I have initiated the OOo Security Team, 
where people could report vulnerabilities to, and where people from 
different Linux distros are members so that we could together work on 
fixing the issues and coordinating release dates.

Unfortunately, even working as a technical architect for StarOffice/OOo 
since 2003, I was only able to influence newly developed stuff, but not 
to make bigger changes to the existing code base - mainly because of 
resource and time restrictions.

There are many things that should be changed. One of the things I have 
in mind would make it much easier for other projects or products to make 
use of the different OOo editors inside other applications or GUI 
technologies. Since this should be very interesting for commercial 
products like Lotus Symphony or RedOffice, maybe we can find time and 
resources for this now (once we have solved the more important issues to 
get Apache OOo running at all). But it will be a quite big task...

It's now time for the next decade of OOo. After a decade of closed 
source StarOffice, and a decade of copyleft, it's now 
time for many decades of Apache OpenOffice(.org), where many individuals 
and companies can cooperate together, all having the same rights to make 
use of the code in other open source projects as well as in closed 
source products.

And you can bet - after working on this thing almost half of my life 
now, I want to see Apache OpenOffice(.org) becoming a big success!


PS: I just managed to catch up all the emails on this list, and summed 
it up in my blog at

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