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From Simon Brouwer <>
Subject Re: A little OOo history
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 20:17:08 GMT
Op 7-6-2011 18:31, William A. Rowe Jr. schreef:
> On 6/7/2011 11:11 AM, Niall Pemberton wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 4:52 PM, William A. Rowe Jr.<>  wrote:
>>> Just to clarify, only source code is "released" by the ASF.  Yes, there may
>> I don't believe this is true - we have to release the source, but
>> anything we distribute is considered released and needs to be
>> checked/approved - and the release FAQ seems to agree with that
> Really?  Where do you get that?
> "The Apache Software Foundation produces open source software. All releases are in the
> form of the source materials needed to make changes to the software being released. In
> some cases, binary/bytecode packages are also produced as a convenience to users that
> might not have the appropriate tools to build a compiled version of the source. In all
> such cases, the binary/bytecode package must have the same version number as the source
> release and may only add binary/bytecode files that are the result of compiling that
> version of the source code release."
The installation packages contain code from a 
considerable number of "external" libraries (i.e. third party ones that 
are developed in their own projects, not copyright Oracle and have 
mostly LGPL license). So this would not be allowed for releases by the 

Vriendelijke groet,
Simon Brouwer.

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