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From Christoph Jopp <>
Subject Re: Put myself on the initial committers list
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 21:11:29 GMT
Hello Rob,

thank you very much for the warm welcome.
Yes, I think the entry-level is far too high. Even experienced
developers need much time to get started with their first extension.

And besides "power users" needing a quick macro I also think of a second
use case:

Even a full featured office suite can not implement more and more features.
So "special interest features" needed just by a limited number of users
can be delivered as extension.


> Hello Christoph, welcome aboard! 
> I'm glad to see an extensions development expert with the project.    I 
> remember reading many years ago, maybe 1990 or so in "Computer Languages" 
> magazine (now defunct) about a survey of the top computer languages used 
> in business.  Any question what the #1 choice was?  No, it wasn't C or 
> COBCOL.  It was the 1-2-3 macro language!   I think this is true today as 
> well, that the application-developer is key.  We need ways of lowering the 
> skill level so every "power user" can do powerful automation with 
> OpenOffice!  And we need this to integrate with the web as well.  It is no 
> longer 1990....
> Regards,
> -Rob
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