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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice or
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 01:29:18 GMT
At the current moment I'm not sure there is a strictly definitive 
answer, given that Oracle technically still owns the trademark.  When we 
have specific legal questions that need to be worked on, we can work 
with Sam and the privately archived legal-internal@ mailing list.

Once the ASF has the trademark, and presuming the podling is voted into 
the Incubator, then the podling should strive to ensure that it meets 
the Apache Project Branding Requirements [1] on it's main website, which 
will be required before it can graduate to a top level project (TLP).

Usage guidelines for Apache marks are covered in our formal Trademark 
Policy [2] and associated documents.  Note that we may in the future 
need additions to the policy, given that some of the ways that the product is used may be different from most other Apache 

Note that one requirement for Apache projects is to use the Apache name 
as part of the primary project and product name.  I would imagine that 
one of the tasks for the podling to decide upon is how best to update 
it's branding to reflect both it's broad end user heritage as well as 
reflecting it's future state as an Apache project.

As Sam noted elsewhere in this thread, we are aware of the "Open Office" 
TM application here in the US and hope to be able to address that soon.

- Shane


Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> Hi I want to know if there is any formal clearance on the way
> ought to be reffered as.
> Since the adquisition of Sun by Oracle, they start re-inciting misquotations
> of as "OpenOffice" even later they modified StarOffice as
> "Oracle Open Office"
> As was transfered to Apache, the proposal is quoted as Apache
> OpenOffice. And now new mailing lists are generated as oo instead of ooo.
> I understand there could be missconception as the beginning but lacking to
> address these issues they could become more structural as time goes by (ie.
> wikipage is easy to change, a mailing list is not as easy).
> I would want some clarification on this topic so that the apache people
> could make a decision. Also for reasons regarding trademark is important to
> avoid legal issues as time goes by.

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