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From Cor Nouws <>
Subject Re: Blondie's Parallel Lines...
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 22:14:56 GMT
Hi Rob, all, wrote (02-06-11 21:34)

> If you claim to have 200 developers working on LO
> then I suspect this is with a very low level of engagement.

I know several people that started with really tiny contributions for 
LibreOffice in the past months but just evolved to people contributing 
features, more and more clean ups, committing to the repository 
themselves and help with checking other patches. Also, people with 
specific knowledge of any of the many areas in the huge code base, can 
mean a lot by just using their skills for maybe few lines of code.

I hardly new about this process when I was active in the old project. Now in the LibreOffice project I've seen that it 
is reality, and what the importance of that approach is.

> And most of those names are making very
> sporadic, but I'm sure very valuable, contributions.


> Notably the top 20
> contributors were making 90% of the commits and of those the majority are
> Novell employees.

Which is not relevant - but of course that percentage is getting lower 
regularly with others joining LibreOffice.

> The "halo" of additional developers is important as well.  But their
> effectiveness is entirely dependent on the ability of the core committers
> to review and integrate their work.  So we need to grow the project from
> the inside out.  That's my opinion, in any case.  But LO is really no
> different.

It is different, as I wrote above.

And I too think it is relevant. Although I read for example this:

Ross Gardler wrote (03-06-11 15:25)
> The incubator does not expect a viable community on the way *in*, it
> only expects a viable community on the way *out*.
> We will take a vote on whether to accept this proposal into the
> incubator. That vote, for the majority of people, will not be about
> vague unanswerable questions such as "will it graduate" it will be about
> "is there any *definite* reason to refuse entry to the incubator".

The difference is relevant at least for managing expectations. When 
there are many contributors for LibreOffice that you may not expect to 
join an project in Apache.
I would love to see all work in one big project - read all my pleas in 
the time. But reality tells me that is not going to happen.


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