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From James Kosin <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 03:07:01 GMT
On 2:59 PM, Luke Kowalski wrote:
> The following project is being sent in as an incubator candidate.
> regards
> luke

First, I've been reading the talking points going back and forth on this
for about 1-2 days now.  And there are some valid concerns.
(1)  The project as a whole is LARGE.  Some may even call it HUGE. 
Despite those complaints, I don't believe there is a size limit on the
size of a project; however, it brings up LOTS of questions on Why?  How?
and Who is to blame?
Basically, are the developers able to support the project entirely on
their own?  If so, showing some supporting evidence as to how.  Granted
learning code is fun in my opinion but it won't lead to a good outcome
in the long run without some very knowledgeable people supporting the
project.  Having 2 or even 3 people supporting a project of this size is
a sure sign of failure.  Unless these people really are major
contributors with evidence and know how to back them up.
(2)  The licensing is also an issue, and a serious one at that.  When a
project goes into Apache the entire project needs to be signed over by
all supporters and all code either signed over by all the copyright
holders or the copy-protected code removed.  Which may lead to an
unusable project... if everyone doesn't agree to the terms of the
transfer.  And yes, it means all parties that hold a stake in the software.
(3)  There is even talk as to why?  I'm also curious as to why they
would need or want to transfer the project to Apache.  That aside, I
don't think there needs to be a reason given just a clear plan on how OO
is going to be supported and developed under the Apache license.  Also,
someone mentioned the kernel... however the linux kernel is not the one
asking to be included in the Apache organization.  The kernel is still
on it's own and is thriving without Apache.  So, why this sudden change
is a good question.

I'm good with giving a +1 but on the condition that the planned document
be developed as a Wiki and all the details of how the team members are
going to support the project and allow it to thrive without just dumping
the project here and leaving.


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