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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: dependencies at runtime. was: Re: OO/LO License + Why LO needs the AFL 2.0 to exist (quickly)
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 23:22:40 GMT
On 05/06/2011 Nick Kew wrote:
> On 5 Jun 2011, at 09:25, eric b wrote:
> > Apologies, the most up to date information is here :
> >
> Thanks for that.
> Looks like there's some LGPL stuff but no strong copyleft.

Most dictionaries are missing from the list. They are in many cases
covered by strong copyleft licenses (the Italian dictionary, that I
currently maintain, is GPL3) and they are currently included thanks to
the "mere aggregation" clause, see

To make the "mere aggregation" more explicit (i.e., show that can work without dictionaries), dictionaries are now
packaged as extensions even when they come bundled with
Dictionaries aren't a dependency in the strict meaning of this term, but
they are vital for anyone wishing to use

  Andrea Pescetti.

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