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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Sun/Oracle Contributor Agreements and Apache Project
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 22:40:53 GMT
Like most volunteers at I signed a contributor agreement
years ago. Actually, many of the committers listed in the proposal
signed one of: Joint Copyright Assignment Sun Contributor Agreement Oracle Contributor Agreement

All the three versions, enforced in different periods of time, grant
Oracle (joint) ownership of the contributions committed to the
" project" and cannot be revoked, in the sense that they
apply to any future contributions too.

It's unclear to me whether this would have implications on the proposed
Apache project. Is there some official continuity in place that
transfers validity of these agreements to the Apache project too (i.e.,
my future contributions to the Apache project will still be co-owned by
Oracle, since by continuity the Apache project is still to be considered
the " project")? Or this legacy does not exist and all
agreements in place will become void? I know about the iCLA policy, but
here I'm just interested in the pre-existing agreements with Sun/Oracle.

Best regards,
  Andrea Pescetti.

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