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From drew <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice: were are we now?
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 18:24:20 GMT
On Sun, 2011-06-05 at 10:01 -0700, Joe Schaefer wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----

> Personally I have no idea how my daily workload will be affected by dealing
> with OOo's infra requirements.  If it just means dishing out dedicated resources
> and setting up end-user services, that shouldn't present any issues.  OTOH
> staffing a forum with support service isn't something I'm equipped to deal with.
> Either way, I don't intend to block incubation over it- collectively infra
> will learn to "cope" with the change.

Hello Joe,

Since this is my (almost) first email to this list:

Drew Jensen
- Started involvement with OO.o back around 2005. 
- Primary focus was end user support/QA on the Base module.
- I am a member of the Document Foundation, primarily focused on
marketing efforts in North America there, for the moment.

Alright - OO.o end user forum.

Currently the forum is hosted on a single blade in the Oracle offices,
Hamburg DE. It runs on VM on that machine (I can get details but it is
not particularly taxing from a systems resources POV). It's a pretty
straight forward phpBB set of sites w/some light custom mod work.

The daily functioning/management of the forums is handled by an
autonomous group, The Volunteers, at the forums. This goes all the way
from site admin (I was one of the initial group, currently that is Terry
Ellison [Individual] and Clayton Cornell [Oracle]) with root access (to
the VPS), right down to the individual board moderators. All decisions
are made by this group either via lazy consensus or when needed, a vote.

The Volunteer group is also represented I see on the wiki page by Dave
McKay, one of the global moderators. Terry will be the right POC for any
move but at the moment he is on an extended vacation with  his wife on
some Greek Island, the nerve. *smile* 

Different subjects 

- the wiki. MediaWiki, lots of work invested in that beast and this is a
larger resource hog. Clayton Cornell at Oracle is the POC here, if I can
help with this work also I certainly will and I'll touch base directly
with Clayton on that.

- Extension/template repository - Currently hosted at Oregon State Open
Source Labs. Drupal based, and it is having some real problems right
now. IMO, this needs some direct and _immediate_ love. I can't pull the
contact name for the Oracle admin on that site from my noggin at the
moment. (Matt ?) BTW, TDF is nearing roll out of it's extension site, so
this may ease some of the problems users are having with getting
dictionaries and such at the moment.

Anyway - more detail then is needed for this list I suppose. 

@Joe feel free to ping me direct if I can help with running down
details/information on anything.

Thanks much,

Drew Jensen

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