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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Introducing orcmid
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 06:12:03 GMT

My name is Dennis Hamilton.  I am a semi-retired software system architect living in Seattle,

My profile of profiles is already up at <>. 
The "orcmid" handle goes back to DecWars on a PDP-10 and the early CompuServe CB chat rooms.

My connection and interest in Apache is from my commitment to interoperable
solutions in the management and processing of documents.

A member of the OASIS OpenDocument Format TC, I was drawn to OASIS by the formation of the
ODF Interoperability and Conformance (OIC) TC in late Summer 2008.  Once in OASIS, it was
a natural step to also join the ODF TC itself.  I had submitted public comments before that,
and I was around when David Wheeler kicked-off OpenFormula, originally on SourceForge.

>From a career perspective, I wrote my first line of code in the Spring of 1958 when I
was an engineering aide at Boeing Company.  The program (in Fortran, there not being any reason
to call it Fortran I yet) crashed on being given the first test value.   I graduated from
Fortran to assembly language, and the last I wrote of that was for 8080/Z80 running CP/M-80.
 My career moved through Remington Rand Univac and Xerox Corporation, with occasional time-outs
as an independent consultant.

I don't write code that much anymore, although I am fascinated with coming up with C/C++ examples
and tips for newcomers who struggle with tools like the Microsoft Visual C++ Express Editions.
 My hands-on work with OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and other instances of support for ODF is
mainly in document forensics and QA work, in addition to continued participation in the development
of the ODF standards.  I'm allergic to GPL'd code, but not to permissive licenses, so I can
see myself patching this 'n' that on Apache projects.

I have an itch about development work for an ODF reference implementation with customizable/reusable
components, as some of my comments on this list have already revealed.  I think that will
be very important for the long-term health of ODF-native software and the promise of interoperability
(and substitutability) that users have been promised and that is not yet fulfilled.

 - Dennis

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