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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Apache Licensing Q's [was: Incubator Proposal]
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 03:48:35 GMT
The extensive LibreOffice user-documentation project is producing GPL3[+]/CC-by3.0 dual-licensed
documents.  I assume that CC-by is not toxic for Apache, since it is the closest CC license
to permissive (i.e., it is at least as permissive as modified BSD) and it allows derivative
works, of course.  

I'm not clear on the status of the separately-installed HelpPack on Windows.  I don't recall
a license click-through for that installation, and there is no license information in the
help content itself.  

There is also on-line help at locations such as <>.  I don't
see any notices or license information.

 - Dennis

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From: Andre Schnabel [] 
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 15:38
Subject: Re: Apache Licensing Q's [was: Incubator Proposal]

Hi William, *

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> Von: "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
> An:
> > 
> > The CC was generated for non-code contributions as far as I know. I 
> > would need to have that confirmed.
> That is my understanding.  But if we ask legal-discuss, all 
> contributions at the ASF must be editable (one pillar of the Open 
> Source Definition) and must allow derivative works ... IOW, under the 
> Apache License.
> So I simply need to understand the scope of the CC elements of OOo 
> which will need to be entirely replaced.

Yes, CC has been introduced for documentation - or I would rather say marketing / promotion
materials (I've been member of the OOo community council when this was introduced). So you
won't find CC elements in the code repository. And even in website or wiki content I would
not expect to see many CC stuff, at least nothing really important.

But this raises another question - does Oracle donate the code only or will ASF also get the
contents of the website, wiki, translation database (wich has some more information than what
you see in the code), ooo-specific tooling (OOo used to have some web portals to support 
development, qa, release and documentation processes) etc. 



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