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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSSION] Accept for incubation
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 19:52:09 GMT
I don't understand the assertions here.  It may not matter in the larger scheme of things,
but I didn't want some of the assumptions here to go unquestioned.

 1. It is certainly the case that the proposal comprehends sustaining and continuing
it as an Apache project.  The proposal also makes this statement:

"The implementation will serve as a reference implementation of the Open Document
Format standard."

While that is broader (depending on what the Apache implementation ends up
being) than serving as a clean reference implementation, the notion of having a layered set
of reference components that serve as a reference implementation for customization as various
distributions has been discussed on this list, including by me, among others.  It is my primary

In any case, I believe that is for the podling to resolve as part of its march through incubation.

2. The relicensing of bits not desired by the podling as LGPL strikes me as (a) extremely
unlikely -- based on what we have been repeatedly told about the Apache way and (b) twice
unnecessary since (i) those bits are presumably already available under LGPL by those who
choose to go fish them off the site and, for that matter, from LibreOffice
among other places and (ii) having them available in an idle but IP-cleared state at Apache,
 though not exactly lined up with the Apache way, means as ALv2 bits they are usable by LGPL-focused
projects anyhow.  (You say copyleft license, but there are reciprocal licenses that are not
compatible with GPL/LGPL and I assume you mean [L]GPL.) 

Finally, the copyright has not been transferred from Oracle.  Oracle granted the ASF a license
under the Apache conditions for such licenses.  The copyright on the licensed artifacts remains
with Oracle.

3. As it appears the incubator podling will commence in a matter of days, I think it is now
a matter of seeing how the importing of bits proceeds and where the podling
chooses to focus in terms of establishing deliverables.  There may well be multiple vectors,
although we have to guard against having our arrows not lined up enough to ensure achievement
of any successful results.

 - Dennis

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From: Simos Xenitellis [] 
Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2011 11:55
Subject: Re: [DISCUSSION] Accept for incubation

[ ... ]

Since Oracle was willing to transfer the OOo source code copyrights to
the ASF, the ASF could have accepted those copyrights,
extract the related code for the ODF reference implementation, and
re-release the source code with a copyleft license.

> There is certainly no consensus on whether this is viable and the original proposers
do not want to limit the scope of the project to just this aspect.  However, there is a desire
from some initial committees and some TDF representatives to explore this.
> As a mentor I aim to see if this refactoring, with the collaboration opportunities it
presents, can be realised.

I think you refer to overall OOo refactoring (which is indeed needed),
rather than code that relates to the ODF format.

[ ... ]

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