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From "Allen Pulsifer" <>
Subject RE: Proposal for OpenOffice Incubator strategy
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 00:32:24 GMT
Hello Simon,

This is a noble proposal, but there are is an important prerequisite.  The
LibreOffice is currently only accepting contributions licensed under the
LGPL.  The LibreOffice project cannot take those contributions and insert
them into an Apache Licensed project without the approval of those
contributors.  So this goes back to the point I raised in my last post: has
anyone contacted the major LibreOffice contributors to determine if they are
willing to contribute code to an Apache licensed project?

Second, I am strongly against adopting any name other than OpenOffice.  The
world is looking for an "official" distribution.  If the Apache project does
not adopt the OpenOffice name, then someone else will, and this will confuse
users even more.  For example, even as we speak, a small company in San
Francisco has filed an application with the United States Patent and
Trademark Office to trademark the name "OpenOffice".  A copy of this
application is attached in PDF format.  This company is the current operator
of  and apparently, they envision that they will
become the exclusive distributor of "OpenOffice".  Obviously, that must be
stopped, which I was planning to post on in more detail.  The bottom line
however is that the only way to stop that is for a recognized organization
to step up and distribute the "official" OpenOffice distribution.


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