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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 14:20:58 GMT
Hi Christian.

What a great positive attitude.  I'm excited to see you here.

And moin moin to you too (it is 06:56 here in Seattle).  I did not know the relationship with
"moien" auf Deutsch.  Now I know why Svante Schubert says it.  


 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Christian Lippka [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 01:17
Subject: Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?

[ ... ]
 So for me it is obviously love and passion and it would make me sad to not even try to make
this proposal a success.

Now a valid question could be, why ASF and not TDF. For me, this is not a binary question.
I have already contributed to in my spare time. I have also already (though
small) contributed to LibreOffice in my spare time.
While I have some different opinions, I do not oppose the TDF or LibreOffice. I am not here
to make this project win and another project fail. I am not here to dishonor the good work
that good people put into something that they think is the best way to go. But I hope that
people will respect others for trying to do something different, even so we may share many
of the same goals.

[ ... ]

My technical vision (as in, not plans, no facts, no "I tell you how to do it") for this particular
project under the umbrella of the ASF is as follows. I see this as an opportunity to do some
bold moves that will jumpstart the free office world to the next level. One such bold move
in the past was the switch to XML. I think this changed everything, and I usually hate such
marketing speech :) What I would love to see is a major rework concerning modularization and
In the past I was part of many discussions on what would be the best UI framework for
to solve all problems including world peace. Obviously there was no such thing. This is even
more true in the world we live in now. There is not only the desktop any more, my smartphone
is faster than my first development pc at StarDivision.
My android tablet has a bigger screen resolution than my first VGA monitor. To serve this
diverse market of target devices and different input idioms there can not only be one user
interface, there must be many.
Also it would be cool to target different groups of users by providing a user interface that
is optimized for a special task or need. See OOo4Kids as a great example.

I'm not a native speaker  but I tried hard to look up every more complicated word in the dictionary
to check for possible misreadings. If you still find something that you have a grudge with
or find offensive, please just blame it on a communication issue.

Best regards,


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