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From "Allen Pulsifer" <>
Subject RE: Apache Incubator Proposal: Splitting the Community?
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 16:05:49 GMT
> What is wrong about the TDF that is better at ASF, for being the home of a
free office suite?

Let me restate that a little bit differently that might answer some other
issues that have been raised.

IBM's interest in the OpenOffice code primarily relates to its proprietary
IBM Lotus Symphony derivative.  Because IBM is interested in contributing to
a project in which the contributions would be used by both open source and
proprietary products, the LGPL does not meet its needs.  There is no way of
getting around that.  It is simply a fact that everyone will have to accept
if they are going to be able to work together.
When the TDF forked the code to create LibreOffice, the only license
available to it was the LGPL.  For that reason, IBM had no reason to get
involved in that project or engage that community, because the TDF could not
change the license even if it wanted to.  Instead, IBM quietly negotiated
behind the scenes with the copyright holder, Oracle, to get the code
released under a more permissive license.  After some period of time, it
succeeded, and the code is being released under the Apache License.

The release of the code under the Apache License now gives all parties an
opportunity to work together.  However, certain parties such as IBM are only
going to be willing to work under the Apache License, so if the TDF wants
IBM and similarly situated companies to contribute, that is the license that
will have to be used.  Again, there is no getting around that.  There is an
opportunity for all parties to work together, but in order for that to
happen, the licensing will have to meet everyone's needs.


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