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From "Allen Pulsifer" <>
Subject RE: Recuse as mentor?
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 11:52:45 GMT
> Jim Jagielski <> wote:
> Seems that some people are not happy with my outreach to the communties,
or whatever...
> There are plenty of suggestions and posts on things that I have done
wrong, or did not do,
> or did not due to someone's satisfaction.
> If people want, I will happily remove myself as mentor. This is supposed
to be fun and at
> least *somewhat* fulfilling...

Hello Jim,

There is no question that the former OpenOffice community is now fractured,
and some people have some strong negative feelings about certain parties.
That is an environment which neither of us caused but it is what it is and
something we need to deal with.

With that backdrop, I have been perplexed and concerned with some of your
public postings.  They have been things I might expect to see coming from a
member of the gallery, but not from the President of the Apache Software
Foundation, a project mentor, and a person who I would think would be trying
to promote a sense of community.  Its seems that you have a high level of
mistrust for certain persons and are not prepared to reach out magnanimously
to all parties in an attempt to bring them together.  I see this as creating
ongoing problems.

When I initially read your offer to recuse yourself as a mentor, I read it
and gave it some thought but had no immediate response.  With your post this
morning however, and while speaking only as a member of the OpenOffice
community and a guest here at the Apache Software Foundation, I am now
prepared to accept your offer to recuse yourself as a mentor.

Thank you,


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