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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] starting the CMS migration process
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 04:07:37 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote on Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 09:26:38 -0700:
> If there are lingering doubts about the switchover, let's address
> those asap.  If the majority of the IPMC prefers to remain with
> Anakia and just switch to svnpubsub that is an acceptable outcome
> infra-wise.  Just not what I'd prefer ;-).

To clarify:

Switching to CMS is optional, at the PMC's discretion.

Switching to svnpubsub isn't quite optional.  The 'svn up on people.a.o'
model does not scale; it is deprecated and being phased out.  If you don't
want to use svnpubsub, you'll have to suggest another solution to replace
the 'svn up' model.

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