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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release NPanday 1.3-incubating
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:58:20 GMT
On 16 March 2011 09:40, Troy Howard <> wrote:
> Regarding:
>> I cannot read the tar.gz files with my normal tools (hexdump shows
>> that they are in RAR format), and the hashes have got spurious lines
>> in them which break automated checkers.
> Looks like you guys are a) building the release packages on Windows,
> and b) using Microsoft's FCIV tool to generate MD5 and SHA1 hashes.
> This is something I tried to do at first as well.
> To get a standard output for that, you should use the standard Unix
> tools... You can download gnu coreutils binaries compiled for Windows
> from here:
> Install that package, and use the included md5.exe/sha1.exe programs
> to generate your checksums, and it will be exactly Apache's standard
> for that (instead of messing around with munging the output from
> FCIV).. Plus you get a bunch of other handy standard unix commandline
> apps without needingt to install cygwin...

Given that the project currently uses Maven, would in not make more
sense to use Maven to create the archives and hashes (and sigs)?

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