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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache ManifoldCF 0.1
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 19:17:50 GMT
> It's unacceptable to not release software according to Apache guidelines. There's some
flexibility in those guidelines (whether to include a binary release or not, whether to include
jar files in a distro or use Maven, etc.), and then there's not (must include a source release;
must have a KEYS file; etc.etc.)

I'm not arguing; I've accepted the conclusion that there will be no
binary distribution.

>> The three copies of the dependent jars occur because of the following:
>> - There is one copy of the jar that is used by the build
>> - There are two distinct execution environments, one single-process,
>> and one multi-process, that are built
>> - Each execution environment has its own subtree that it executes from
> Are all of these Jars simply copies of an original Jar, or are they separately licensed?

It's all the same license.  The dependent jars are copied into the
appropriate target locations by the build process.  So without the
build, you have one copy of each dependent jar.

>> If the built environments are no longer distributed, then there will
>> be one copy of each dependent jar included.  I'm leaning towards just
>> having this minimum distribution since size is apparently a huge issue
>> here.
> It's a huge issue everywhere. Your release will be mirrored around the world using Apache's
mirroring system. Beyond that it will be likely replicated N times at M companies who are
using it. Size *is* a big issue, not just *here*.

This was not obvious to me in the era of 1Tb disks costing $50.
Builds of this size have not been considered problematic in any place
I've worked for at least a decade.  But I will accept your

> Eh, either way is fine with me, and I don't think anyone here should legislate on this.
It should be a ManifoldCF community decision IMHO.

If you are flexible, I will recommend we include the built docs.  It
will increase the size of the distribution somewhat (from 32M to 45M
per tar.gz/zip), but it gives the user much more environmental


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