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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Continuing our work on GenXDM - port of XML Security to use it
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 17:04:33 GMT
I've previously mentioned our GenXDM project on this mailing list. And I 
posted an incubator proposal (gXML at the time).  As a quick reminder, 
GenXDM defines a Java API for the XQuery Data Model, via a layer of 
indirection, in such a way that you can choose different XML tree 
implementations at runtime, with minimal overhead.

At the time, it appeared we didn't attract enough interest to go through 
with incubating at Apache.  We're still hoping to do that, though.

Since I posted our proposal, we've been busy.  Of particular note to 
this mailing list, as a proof of concept, we've done a complete port of 
the XML Security Java library (Santuario) to the GenXDM APIs.  And we've 
now released that over at the Apache Extras site.

We kept the port fully backwards compatible (all existing tests pass 
unmodified!), and added to the API, so that you can use Santuario with 
non DOM XML trees.

As we are still interested in incubating GenXDM at Apache, I wanted to 
mention our port here, as several people mentioned at the time that they 
wanted to see more, before deciding whether it made sense to get involved.

The projects:

We welcome you to stop by, kick the tires, and join our mailing list, as 
you see fit!



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