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From Aida Rivas <>
Subject Open64 Inquiry: Apache Incubator Project
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 17:22:55 GMT
Our steering committee is exploring the idea of submission as an 
Apache Incubator Project, and one of the concerns is the Apache 2.0 license 
status regarding whether or not it's compatible with GPL
since Open64 is currently using GPL v2.

Consequently, would appreciate your initial feedback on whether it makes sense 
for Open64 to submit  request to be considered an Apache Incubator Project given 
existing license or await if and when it moves to GPL v3?


From: Upayavira <>
To:; Aida Rivas <>
Sent: Fri, January 28, 2011 12:38:09 PM
Subject: Re: Apache Incubator Project

On Fri, 28 Jan 2011 11:33 -0800, "Aida Rivas" <> wrote:
>Our Open64 steering committee is exploring various affiliation models and one of 
>them is affiliation with ASF, and in reviewing the Apache Incubator Project, I 
>would appreciate clarification if Apache 2.0 license is indeed compatible with 
>GPL for your website still has posted the following statement::
>Apache license is supposed to be compatible with other open source licenses, 
>while remaining true to the original goals of the Apache Group and supportive of 
>collaborative development across both nonprofit and commercial organizations. 
>The Apache Software Foundation is still trying to determine if this version of 
>the Apache License is compatible with the GPL
>At this time, has ASF clarified if Apache 2.0 is compatible with GPL 


Whether it is compatible depends is, as you note, still undecided, and therefore 
is something for each end user to decide for themselves.

However, the ASF wishes to ensure that all code it releases is licensed under 
the Apache License V2, or less restrictive licenses. As the GPL is more 
restrictive (placing additional terms upon the end user of the software beyond 
those of the AL 2.0), it does not fit with this goal, and therefore, projects at 
the ASF are not allowed to include code that is released under the GPL. 

There are circumstances where optional components may be included that interface 
with GPL code, but do not distribute it. However this is by far the exception.

Projects at the ASF are encouraged to seek alternatives to GPL code for 
dependencies. Note, it may be possible to begin incubation with GPL 
dependencies. However, no releases will be allowed, and graduation will be 
blocked until they have been removed/replaced.

Having said that, ASF projects can use GPL "system dependencies", e.g. JVMs, or 
underlying OS, or C libraries.

If you are considering incubation, I'd suggest you bring your specific questions 
to the incubator, ideally on the general@incubator list, so we can see whether 
or not it would be practical to incubate your project.

Hope this helps.



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