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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: Clerezza, Stanbol, Jena, Semantic Commons, WDYT?
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:14:04 GMT
On 8 November 2010 15:54, Bertrand Delacretaz <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm following up on discussions here regarding relationships between
> the incubating Clerezza podling and incoming Stanbol and Jena podlings
> (see proposals at
> Do people agree with the following structure?
> 1. Clerezza, Stanbol and Jena are independent podlings, each aiming
> for top-level status

There is a depedency relationship:

- Stanbol is a of application level HTTP services and set of OSGi
components that use:
- Clerezza as an OSGi service provider which in turn is using:
- Jena as a lib for parsing and serializing RDF models and as a SPARQL
enabled triple store.

The dependency between Clerezza and Jena is optional as many OSGi
services in Clerezza can also work with sesame as an alternative RDF
lib and triple store.

> 2. A Semantic Commons area is created for common code between these
> (and other) projects. Details to be discussed, this does probably not
> warrant a separate Apache project, but might be managed by Clerezza,
> as they were here first.

Ok on the principle but I would suggest not to create this as long we
don't have any code that does not belong to one of the three previous
projects. Developers of the upstream project should try to take care
an not reinvent the wheel and try to move new features and bugfix to
upstream if they naturally belong there.

> 3. It is expected that those projects will have a number of committers
> in common, as there are many collaboration possibilities.



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