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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Accept Jena into the Incubator
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 21:08:10 GMT

On 13/11/10 13:32, Ross Gardler wrote:
> All,
> Resolving IP issues are a part of the incubation process not the acceptance process
> It is not necessary to delay entry into the incubator because some o these issues need
to be satisfactorily resolved. The Jena developers are aware of this and have undertaken to
do what is required in meetings with myself as Champion.  Can one of the Jena team please
add a note to this effect in the proposal in order to remove any doubt about this.

Done.  The text added says:

The initial committers overtake to resolve all IP and copyright issues 
that concern the dependencies of the initial source and of any 
contributions in accordance with Apache requirements for graduating from 
incubator status.

All contributions to the Jena codebase are under BSD-style license.  The 
majority of copyright is held by HP. Some copyright is held by others, 
as noted in the codebase. This includes contributions from the initial 
committers below and any other contributions.

At this point, any of the Jena initial committers can revise that text 
otherwise lazy consensus applies.

> I'd like to call a vote on Jenas entry but am unable to do so until this discussion is
resolved. I am going to assume the addition of a commitment to resolve these issues are sufficient
to move forwards (lazy consensus).
> Ross


PS We recently removed a dependency on code.  I know Apache 
allows it but some organisations found that license difficult to work with.

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