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From Jeremy Carroll <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Accept Jena into the Incubator
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 01:45:55 GMT
On 11/12/2010 11:51 AM, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Also (from the JenaProposal):
> "The Jena GRDDL Reader has some additional dependencies: 
> BrowserLauncher2 could be removed in favor of a much simpler approach
> (i.e. write it in a file!).

That is actually superseded by a Java6 facility, so I should do a small 
piece of recoding and remove the dependency

> What other Apache projects do in a similar situation (i.e. you want
> to warn the user about some potential security issues and therefore
> you ask the user to actively agree, press a button, etc. to make sure
> the user reads it (I know, I know...))?

The GRDDL component runs XSLT from the Web, in a sandbox.
The HP lawyer who advised, understanding the risks of running 3rd party 
code, wanted an explicit user action to agree to the BSD license terms, 
to have a firmer leg to stand on if the the 3rd party code proved 
malicious, and the sandbox inadequate.
(The browser launcher is used only for the click through agreement to BSD)

> Can someone comment/advise in relation to these two?
>  - (i.e. Saxon)

I noticed some other apache project with dependency on Saxon. Jena GRDDL 
Reader uses it for XSLT2 support.

>  - (i.e. CyberNeko
>    HTML Parser)

which started life in Apache I believe


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