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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Role of Incubator PMC Votes
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:41:52 GMT
Presumably, the PMC's job is to be the eyes and ears of the Board, so if project is doing something
wrong, the PMC should let it know.  In this case, the project specifically is asking for guidance
from the PMC as to whether the name change is acceptable to the PMC and thus to the ASF, assuming
the Board doesn't intervene.  We really do not want to go through another name change, so
I really would hope all people view this as a "speak now or forever hold your peace" kind
of thing and we can move on to the matters of graduation.


On Sep 9, 2010, at 8:30 AM, Tim Williams wrote:

> I'm watching the "renaming" vote thread and I find it odd that folks
> are -1-ing the project's vote.  I've read the role of the IPMC[1] and
> the policy[2] and can't find the basis for our (IPMC) doing anything
> other than ack-ing they're vote.  It seems like votes from the IPMC
> should only be relevant/binding when the matter in question is
> release/legal/trademark/etc-type issues that could [legally] effect
> the foundation.  I dunno, this seems purely a project matter to me
> (like a logo, code, etc.) - second-guessing a project team on these
> sort of subjective things seems counter-productive to grooming
> self-sustaining projects to me.  So, is this normal - why does the
> IPMC really get anything more than an "advising" role in these sorts
> of matters (and why is that healthy)?
> Thanks,
> --tim
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> [2] -
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