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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject gXML project moved to Google Code
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 06:13:09 GMT
  Some weeks back, we posted a proposal for the gXML project.

We've gotten a lot of excellent feedback from people who contact us in 
response to that proposal, and from people we've contacted directly.  
Thanks to all who have sent us feedback!  We've gotten close to what 
might work for an Apache project, including offers of mentoring & 
championing, but really, just not quite enough interest, at least that 
we can tell.

In the expected of the Apache way, we've received plenty of constructive 
criticism.  The overwhelming concern is that other technologies - like 
NoSQL databases - are now far more attractive than something as "last 
decade" as XML technologies.  So the concern is that we won't be able to 
sustain a community.

To which we say: "fair enough."  We need to prove it. So we will.  We've 
started hosting the project at Google Code:

We intend to follow what we understand of the Apache way as best we can 
- including holding discussions publicly, voting on releases publicly, 
paying careful attention to licensing concerns, using tools that Apache 
folks are comfortable with (Maven), and generally making sure other 
people are comfortable with getting involved.

We encourage you to come follow us to our new site.  We've also have a 
mailing list ( and a blog 
(, if you're not yet really wanting 
to look deeply at code.

And once we've developed a more credible community (hopefully including 
some of you!), we plan on coming back!

Thanks for all the support so far.  Feel free to drop me an email 
directly if you wish, or join the mailing list.

-Eric Johnson

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