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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache Isis
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:28:46 GMT
  On 30/08/2010 07:26, Tim Williams wrote:
> Your proposal caused me to poke around the NO site and the first forum
> topic I came upon[1] had someone providing a [simple] patch.  This has
> me curious about the code provenance.  Assuming this isn't the only
> one, could you say something about getting clearance from outside
> contributors?  At least, it seems to me that it could be slightly more
> complicated than the two parties you mention above.

Just to update this thread... there have been very few patches 
historically.  Indeed, we've searched through our email archives (back 
to 2002), through the SVN commit logs, and through the current codebase 
for any comments, and found only 1 one-liner from 2008, and the three 
patches in 2010 all from the same user (one of which was the patch you 

In addition, we have three contributors/committers who have made changes.

What we're doing is contacting the guy who gave us these patches, and 
getting a formal ok from the existing contributors/committers; when I 
have this I'll update the proposal.

Tim, I appreciate you taking the time to look into our affairs, 
though... I'm very keen that we get this right.


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