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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Future of RAT
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:59:59 GMT
On 10/08/2010 12:48, ant elder wrote:
> How about keeping it here at the Incubator? It could be a showcase
> project that demonstrates how to do things like releases, as well as
> an "eat your own dog food" type place to help avoid any unnecessarily
> burdensome IPMC processes and procedures ;)

I nearly suggested that too. The reason I deleted that part of my mail 
was because it might send the wrong signal - e.g. only incubating 
projects care bout these things.

But that's just a -0, not a -1. Infra would be a better home in my opinion.

If it were to stay here I'd prefer it to be separated from the rest of 
the clutch though, we don't want a project that does not intend to 
graduate being an example to other projects.


>     ...ant
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:55 AM, Siegfried Goeschl
> <>  wrote:
>> Hi Jochen,
>> not sure if Commons is the right place sine RAT has a very spezialized scope
>> or to state it differently I would not look for RAT in Commons.
>> What about Maven TLP?
>> Cheers,
>> Siegfried Goeschl
>> On 10.08.10 12:40, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> having just published a release of Apache RAT with the "-incubating"
>>> label, I'd though it is time to discuss the future of RAT. RAT is an
>>> incubator project since 18 months. It is not an overly busy project:
>>> The occasional feature request, which is handled, a bug report from
>>> time to time, and so on. OTOH, it definitely lives: People are
>>> interested and, what's more, it is very widely adopted by all Java
>>> projects I am aware of and perhaps even by a few non-Java projects. If
>>> there will ever be a migration to a new license like ASL 3 or a
>>> another change of the header policy, then RAT will likely play a very
>>> important part in the process. Even now, the RAT report is carefully
>>> studied as part of every release vote. (Funnily, RAT is very rarely
>>> used to inspect itself, because so far I didn't find a possibility to
>>> run a previous version of the RAT Maven plugin as part of a build. In
>>> fact, RAT is the only project I am aware of, which doesn't publish a
>>> RAT report. :-)
>>> IMO, RAT could very well leave the incubator. It's 10 or so committers
>>> [1] are all part of an organization called ASF since years, so you
>>> might question the diversity, but I don't believe anyone will actually
>>> do that. ;-) The source code has been developed under ASL and by
>>> Apache committers right from the start, so licensing was never an
>>> issue.
>>> The question is: What's the target? RAT is way too small for an
>>> independent project. And I cannot imagine anybody of the current
>>> committers writing board reports. To me, a Rat TLP is no option. So we
>>> have the second possibility: Put it under the hat of another TLP. The
>>> only one that comes to my mind is the Apache Commons project.
>>> But Commons would be an excellent choice: Most, or even all of the RAT
>>> committers are Commons committers as well. Commons was one of the
>>> drivers for integration of RAT into every release build. I admit that
>>> I wouldn't like to change the package name or the Maven group ID
>>> again, but either Commons developers could accept that exception from
>>> the rule or I'd force myself to do the required changes.
>>> WDYT?
>>> Jochen
>>> [1]
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