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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Move Lucy to the Incubator
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:48:03 GMT

: I think this sounds like an excellent candidate for Incubation. Sorry,
: I won't sign up as mentor, but there sure should be some from the
: Lucene community.... riiiighhhht?

As noted in the proposal, Chris Mattmann (a former Lucene PMC member, and 
current Incubator PMC Member) has volunteered to be a Mentor.

I am certainly planning to be "mentor" for Lucy, and I am also willing to 
be a "Mentor" but (a) I am not a member of the Incubator PMC, and (b) I 
have no experience mentoring a Podling.  While 'a' may be solvable by just 
holding a vote to make me a PMC Member, 'b' is my primary concern: We're 
really hoping we can find a couple of engaged "Mentors" who have previous 
experience mentoring Podlings.

Speaking for myself: I have not personally pushed very hard to try and get 
other capital M Mentors from the Lucene community because I am mildly 
concerned about Lucy leaning/drawing too heavily on mentorship from the 
Lucene community.  Part of the motivation for moving to the Incubator is 
to try and get broarder guidance & participation to help Lucy stand on 
it's own two feet as a TLP.


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