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From Chris Douglas <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move Chukwa to incubator
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 17:40:08 GMT
I agree with the analysis from Jerome and Greg. All three of Chukwa's
current committers are its original contributors. An important- and
often difficult- part of Apache community is growing and managing the
developers working on the project. Some experience adding people in
the Incubator would be valuable to members (both old and new) and
would result in a quorum less volatile than three.

Given that the team is small and renaming will be expensive and
tedious, that requirement seems purely punitive. No positive reason
for it has been raised. So I am +1 (non-binding) for option (2),
incubation with TLP class naming, but incubation release naming.

> Yes, it seems that Hadoop PMC should supervise the vote for the chair, with
> a slightly frustrating cc list of all of the actual committers to chukwa.
> That way, nominations and votes for chair are archived on a private list.
> But the Incubator doesn't just say yes/no.  We can refer this back to Hadoop
> proposing this as a TLP, and even offer the list of mentors as observers, or
> members of the initial PMC.

The Hadoop PMC is wholly unqualified to manage Chukwa. It voted to
recommend it to the Incubator so that it can gather a community
invested in its future and capable of meaningful consensus on the
challenges before it. Given that the very direction of the project has
been raised as an open issue, the benign neglect of the Hadoop PMC is
not a viable solution. -C

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