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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move Chukwa to incubator
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 08:53:16 GMT
On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 07:54, Eric Yang <> wrote:
> Besides DOAP file and the incubator nomenclature, I may need help identify
> the addition responsibilities for Apache PMC.  One problem, Chukwa community
> did not have a vote for PMC Chair because we are not sure what is the right
> process for this.  Meanwhile, I have been writing quarterly report like any
> other Apache project, only recipient of the report is different.
> Chukwa releases have been voted by Chukwa community which is similar to
> Hadoop releases, and managed incremental changes using patches and
> committers.  Code audit has been performed by the committers to ensure we
> don't bring in license incompatible libraries into Chukwa.
> Owen O'Malley had trained us these procedures roughly two years ago, and we
> have been executing the same process ever since.

This translate for me into:
Chukwa didn't have proper oversight by a PMC (a committee that is, not
a single person) at Hadoop.
Incubation would fix this using established processes.
I think this is the right track, and the people involved, including
the Hadoop PMC, ultimatively did the right thing.
(Except for not simply growing the Hadoop PMC over time to include
committers from every product.)

> Chukwa has a community of exist user base of 35 people.  It would be nice to
> make Chukwa a special case to skip incubator nomenclature.  This would ease
> the migration path for the existing Chukwa community.

Ok with me, at least as far as MLs or SVN are concerned.
However, Chukwa must be aware that it is changing PMCs from Hadoop to Incubator.
So different rules might apply, like marking release artifacts as "-incubating".
Let's gather some more feedback on this.


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