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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move Chukwa to incubator
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 15:34:23 GMT
On 6/25/2010 3:55 AM, Bernd Fondermann wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 21:21, William A. Rowe Jr. <> wrote:
>> Is anyone in agreement with ant?  Otherwise we should just move ahead
>> and can hold a separate vote on allowing tlp resource creation at this
>> time.
>> If the proposers want (Eric?) a three choice vote, 1. recommend TLP with
>> guides to help the initial pmc, 2. accept incubating with tlp resource
>> naming, but -incubating release naming, or 3. accept incubating requiring
>> all incubator naming conventions, that might help the incubator simplify
>> this decision.
> I don't understand. The Hadoop community released a subproject for
> Incubation. The Incubator accepts or denies the proposal.
> In case of denial, the ball is in the Hadoop field again isn't it?

Yes, it seems that Hadoop PMC should supervise the vote for the chair, with
a slightly frustrating cc list of all of the actual committers to chukwa.
That way, nominations and votes for chair are archived on a private list.

But the Incubator doesn't just say yes/no.  We can refer this back to Hadoop
proposing this as a TLP, and even offer the list of mentors as observers, or
members of the initial PMC.

>> At this point, I personally guess that 1. might be the most sensible in
>> terms of resource creation and management; it would simply require the
>> group to vote for an initial chair/VP.
> Who is "the group"? The list of initial committers? This PMC? The Hadoop PMC?

Group of proposed committers/actual contributors (it is existing code, there
is svn history of who committed).

>> If they are unsure of their group
>> yet, perhaps one of the other mentors would offer to serve as their chair
>> for the first six months, if they rather would do that?
> I'm still +1 to do proper Incubation.

If that's the incubator's preference, I don't object, but I'm waiting for more
than five people to be heard on this point of contention.  You strongly want
one option, ant strongly wants another, and we've heard few other voices.

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