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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Shiro 1.0.0-incubating Released!
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 20:44:40 GMT
Hi folks,

congratulation for getting the release out of the door ... :-) ... and 
shiro folks (aka JSecurity) did an excellent job.

Regarding the "no-frills step-by-step, no room-for-error release"

+) it is difficult to write

+) different projects have different tools to release (manual, Ant, 
Maven) making the stuff even more difficult

Maybe more stuff can be done to streamline your release process using M2 
- maybe I can lend you a hand


Siegfried Goeschl

On 01.06.10 22:26, Les Hazlewood wrote:
>> The download page links to
>> However  is not to be used for direct
>> publication to end users, it is for publishing to the main maven repo.
> This wasn't clear on the apache infrastructure page - it states that
> is part of the distribution infrastructure.  Now
> that we've been notified that this is not the case, we'll fix it as
> soon as possible.  Thanks!
>> Also, the downloads page does not have a link to the KEYS file. Nor
>> does it have any documentation on how to use the sigs and hashes.
> We'll fix that.
>> The downloads page should only link to the ASF mirrors, see for example:
>> Also, there is no DISCLAIMER in any of the archive files.
>> AIUI, Incubator releases MUST contain a disclaimer:
> The branding link only specifies that podling websites must display
> that disclaimer.  That exact disclaimer is the very first paragraph on
> the download page.  AIUI, there is no mandate that a DISCLAIMER file
> must be included in the actual packaged distribution.  Otherwise we
> assume the release would have been voted against.
> On a side note, we're doing our best to adhere to all requirements,
> and we're happy to do so.  But it has been *incredibly* time consuming
> and frustrating to try to interpret what should be step-by-step
> courses of action to adhere to these requirements.
> Why isn't there a no-frills step-by-step, no room-for-error release
> checklist that podlings can follow to guarantee that all required
> criteria are met?  It seems like such a checklist would be of the
> highest priority for the Incubator to ensure that personal
> interpretation is minimized or eliminated from the release process.
> This release management page [1] is incredibly long and full of policy
> and reasoning, which is all well and good if one wants to understand
> *why* these policies exist, but podlings really need a step-by-step
> *how-to* guide that references the 'why' document so we can service
> our communities as efficiently as possible.  The 'why' guide is
> fantastic to read at our leisure, but the 'how' document would be far
> more useful to podlings when release time comes.
> My .02,
> Les
> [1]
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