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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: Will your project feature at ApacheCon North America 2010?
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 09:04:46 GMT
On 3/15/2010 6:22 PM, Nóirín Shirley for the ApacheCon 2010 Planning Team wrote:
> If you'd like your project to be featured in the main conference
> tracks, please discuss it with your project community. A schedule is
> not needed at this time, but you have a coherent vision for a one day
> (6 sessions) program. We are particularly interested in programs that
> fit current themes, from Servers to Cloud Computing, from Search to
> NoSQL, as well as Innovation and Emerging Technologies.

Thinking in terms of incubating projects, we have two directions to think
about.  For a project like TrafficServer with a strong affinity to the
likely httpd, Tomcat "Servers" theme, it probably makes sense to ask for
a slot in that track.  I'd like to see the httpd day cover everything from
"What is httpd 2.4 [3.0?]" due out around that time, all the way to a
TrafficServerm session.  Hopefully even experienced admins will walk away
from such a day feeling they learned a whole lot about what's going on in
the industry and what's coming up.

Look at your own podling and consider if a session or two would fit the
theme of an existing top level project?  If so, lets start a dialog at that
related project :)  But this won't be a solution for some podlings which
don't have an obvious peer at the foundation already.

There are plenty of podlings who are far enough along to consider a well
thought-out "Innovation and Emerging Technologies" day, but not one with
a random assortment of 6 talks.  I'd like to see a program of related
podlings which make sense to (generally) the same audience.  And when
I say 'podlings', I also mean recently graduated projects.  WDYAT?
What six talks would fit best together?

> You'll also need to identify a track program organizer, who will be
> responsible for liaising with the planners, as well as collecting the
> session descriptions, speaker bios, and other programming information.
> Your track organizer should email with
> your project's intent to participate, before Sunday, March 21st.

I'm willing to actively help create the incubator track and find homes for
other podlings who wish to present, but would really appreciate a co-host
focusing strictly on an incubator day, since I'll have other programming
responsibilities, too.

> If you think main track programming isn't for you, don't worry! You
> should expect to hear from us shortly about opportunities to present
> Training Sessions, as well as evening Meetups and other events.

The committee discussed and discarded the idea of ressurecting FastFeather,
we would rather see a solid handful of well crafted longer talks than some
Heinz 57 assortment of rapid-fire, short presentations.  The more thorough
talks should be more useful to the

But if we want some other incubator activity, besides the hackthon, we can
certainly kick around ideas.  TrafficServer, for example, did a meetup at
ApacheCon last year.

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