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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Approve the release of apache-esme-incubating-1.0
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:28:22 GMT

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 4:05 PM, Richard Hirsch <> wrote:
> ...The candidate can be found at:

Unfortunately I'm -1 on the release, I have a few issues including a
GPL dependency.

1) jwebunit dependency is GPL
The server module depends on


which according to is GPL.

2) The sha1 digest does not match, did I do something wrong?

$ openssl sha1 apache-esme-incubating-1.0-src.tar.gz

$ cat apache-esme-incubating-1.0-src.tar.gz.sha
apache-esme-incubating-1.0-src.tar.gz: A53494C8 55474CE3 5AC20516 C2448CB6
                                       64B3B76C 747BA64A FFC9A836 EDAB8D86
                                       4E0735CC AA29ACA9 07767C58 D1C0FEDA
                                       CA7E73A3 ADA3944D 464314B2 4BE0E476

3) mvn dependency:analyze of the server module shows lots of unused
declared dependencies, those should be cleaned up, especially
openDMK:jdmkrt:jar which according to is
either GPL or CDDL license. Not sure which parts of OpenDMK are which
license, but as it's unused better remove it.

4) When trying to build esme-java-client with "mvn clean install" I
get "Embedded error: Error while executing the external compiler" if
JAVA_HOME is not set.

5) apache-esme-incubating-1.0-src.tar.gz contains .svn folders, it
should not have that. You could have created the release using svn
export of
to avoid that.

6) I couldn't find license information for the
com.twitter:stats:jar:1.3:compile dependency, was that checked to be

Sorry that I didn't have time to look at that during the ESME podling vote.

Apart from the GPL dependency the release preparation looks mostly ok,
rat reports are good, license/notice are provided, etc.


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