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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: Source code dumps via JIRA?
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 05:25:58 GMT
Hi All,

> For OODT, we think we want to import the prior history of the project
> into the podling via a Subversion dump file. However, in:
> it says:
> ---
> In either case, the code to be imported should be attached to a JIRA
> and then imported. It is recommended that the previous version control
> system is tagged so that the imported version is precisely known.
> A public record MUST be made of the code imported. If the import is
> not attached to JIRA then it MUST be committed to version control.
> ---
> I can understand the rationale for having a public record, but I'm not
> seeing the reasoning for JIRA.
> Can someone please shed some light on this?  Is this really reflective
> of actual best practices?
> As a counter-example, I'd believe providing a URL to the dump (or
> uploading it to people.a.o) and providing a SHA checksum via email
> (PGP-signed?) would be sufficient for our purposes.  -- justin

My (non-binding) +1 to this.


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