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From Boris Ouretskey <>
Subject ivrworx project champion needed.
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2010 14:20:38 GMT

I would like to check the possibility of starting incubation process for
ivrworx project. Currently its proposal is managed at apache incubator wiki
( There you may find more
info regarding the project. For your convenience I am putting it here but
the real goal is to firstly find a person who  would be interested enough to
be a Champion for the project and assist us preparing the formal proposal
(the one with [PROPOSAL] prefix)

Please comment

Thanks in advance


= IvrWorx =
== Abstract ==
IvrWorx is a fiber (green thread) based messaging framework and lightweight
[[|SIP]] [[|IVR]] application
built on top of it. Project with its documentation is current hosted by
Google Code(R) [[|here]].

== Proposal ==
IvrWorx strives to provide the framework for easy creation of event-driven
applications by reducing an overhead of asynchronous programming. Though
just an example, but still full blown lightweight SIP IVR application is
provided to demonstrate "pluggabilty" of different asynchronous IMS
protocols under synchronous API, into application which is written in [[|lua]] scripting language. currently SIP/RTSP/MRCP are

== Background ==
IvrWorx was inspired by green thread based approach which can be seen in its
strongest form in [[|Erlang]]
programming language. Ivrworx tries to utilize the approach within C++
programming language, which is de-facto industry standard for soft real time
development on Windows(R) platform.

== Rationale ==
Telephony application are essentially highly parallel applications. Writing
parallel applications using OS threads is inherently difficult. Asynchronous
programming multiplies it by factor of million. Using fibers provides user
with synchronous interface without opening too many threads. Additionally
user has control over rescheduling mechanism which makes infrastructure more
robust and scalable .

== Initial Goals ==
The initial goals for IvrWorx are:

 * Donate the existing [[|codebase]] and import it.

 * Get people involved in advancing the code base in different directions,
integrating it with other projects at Apache.

== Current Status ==
The current [[|codebase]]
is developed and tested. RC build is issued and provides POC of the idea
behind the project. The project is hosted Google Code(R) code under [[|altalena]] name. It has a [[|discussion group]] hosted by Google

== Meritocracy ==

== Community ==

== Core Developers ==
Currently IvrWorx is being developed by single developer. We certainly hope
to extend the team to more developers.

== Alignment ==

== Known Risks ==

== Initial Source ==
IvrWorx was developed as a part of [[altalena|]] Google Code(R) project.

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
The current codebase is owned by [[Boris Ouretskey|mailto:]] under GPL-V3 license, and will be donated together
with its documentation.

== External Dependencies ==
There are quite a few open source libraries already used. The libraries,
their sources and licenses are listed here:

Strong core dependency on:-

 * Kent C++ CSP

Weak dependency on :-

 * lua (may be replaced by any other embeddable scripting language)
 * json spirit (used to read configuration)

Pluggable (may be replaced with any other protocol implementation)
dependency on:-

 * medisatreamer2
 * resiprocate
 * live555
 * unimrcp

== Required Resources ==

== Initial Committers ==
 * Boris Ouretskey

== Community Members ==

== Affiliations ==

== Sponsors ==






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