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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [PROPOSAL] Validation incubator for JSR-303 Bean Validation
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 19:18:26 GMT
Given the feedback so far, I'm leaning towards BeanValidation as the
name and BVAL as the short name (for JIRA and mailing lists), since this
is a new codebase and not a natural follow-on to Common Validator 1.x.
There are features in Validator 1.x that will probably never be
implemented in this codebase (like JSP extensions) as this will be
handled by MyFaces, so any users seeing a new commons-validator-2.0 may
be surprised that nothing is backwards compatible....

If we decide to update the project name and resource names now, does
that require a new vote?


On 2/26/10 2:01 PM, Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2010, at 4:03 PM, Nick Kew wrote:
>> On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 12:51:35 -0500
>> Donald Woods <> wrote:
>>> I'm open to suggestions.... BeanValidation, OpenValidation, Validera, ...
>> Any of those work for me, though OpenValidation has a hint of the
>> same problem.  BeanValidation might be ideal, and scans better than,
>> say JSR303-Validation :)
> Most likely outcome -- this ends up becoming Commons Validator version 2. If project
decides to go TLP, the BeanValidation would be good with me. I would certainly expect this
to be resolved by the community for graduation.
> --kevan
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