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From Lee Fisher <>
Subject Re: Interest in Android-based projects?
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:12:56 GMT
 > What would be the focus (if any)?

Two areas of emphasis that I'd think useful:

1) NDK-based: or APR, httpd, and other appropriate *-c projects, for 
unblocked devices and other Android-based platforms.

Ensure BIONC C comapatility, address Binder/AIDL/JNI lib issues, so each 
developer doesn't have to do it with their own version of an Apache 
C-based library.

Perhaps not on default phones today, but putting httpd on current 
Android embeddded projects (BeagleBoard ones, Android-x86, etc) might 
seed future projects to have more Apache possibilities.

2) SDK-based: ports of *-java projects and ports of the Commons Java 
libs that're appropriate.

There's already many snapshots of Apache java projects on GoogleCode 
that've started to address this, at least for many Java libs. It would 
be nice to have an Apache-based central source for these kinds of changes.

Perhaps update to the Android SDK toolchain, to make it as painless as 
possible for Android ISVs to use Apache libraries in their apps. 
Normally this is for OEMs' tools, unsure if non-partners can provide 
tools in this way yet.

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