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From Emmanuel LŽcharny <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] OpenCMIS incubator for Content Mangement Interoperability Services (CMIS)
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009 13:22:42 GMT
Michael Wechner a écrit :
> Stefane Fermigier schrieb:
>> OK, I personally believe this is in contradiction with the first 
>> commandment of the Apache Way:
>> "*Community over Code* is a frequent saying that exemplifies ASF 
>> projects. Community uses Openness and Merit, expressed through 
>> Collaborative and Consensus driven work, to build lasting projects 
>> that use a Pragmatic License. While a diverse community is a 
>> requirement for every ASF project, we also expect people to 
>> contribute as Individuals, and wear appropriate Hats."
> I cannot see any contradiction. Can you explain where exactly you see 
> the contradiction?

I just grab the description of both projects :

"OpenCMIS will deliver a Java implementation of the OASIS CMIS 

"Apache Chemistry is a generic Java language implementation of the 
upcoming OASIS CMIS specification. "

I barely see how two communities working on two projects with the very 
same target can't collaborate and form the best possible community to 
fulfill this target, leveraging the great people from both of the 
current project...

This is where I see a contradiction : it seems like there is some 
divergence on the technical side, which is not really the Incubator 
concern. What is important to us is that a community is built, because 
it's the guarantee for a long term existence for the project. We don't 
have the resources and time to setup a darwinian process here :)

my 2 cts ...

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