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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: maven releases at Apache (what does this have to do with: [PROPOSAL][VOTE] Subversion)
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:29:02 GMT
For unrelated reasons, I today split out the Apache-ness part of the Maven release process
(still syncing):

It could still use more work, but that's all I have time for right now if someone wants to
patch it (eg, to explain the parent POM reference needed), or move it to /dev, or whatever.
That means there's a document that can be up to date for anyone wanting to do a Maven based
release at Apache at a given time.

To track common infrastructure, new plugins, and so on, I suggest subscribing to
For example, we've just had:
(we don't seem to be announcing parent POMs there, so that should change in the future).

I believe that's enough to track what is needed, and much more appropriate than trying to
follow it on board@, pmcs@, committers@, or general@incubator which are not the right forums.

Does that work for those concerned about it?

We could entertain creating another list @maven, or post notices to infrastructure@, but I
don't see the added value...


On 13/11/2009, at 2:13 AM, Brian Fox wrote:

>> Why not sent it through board@? All Chairs are subscribed to that
>> list, several board members have in the past raised concerns about the
>> releases created using maven. This would unequivocally show that maven
>> has delivered a working solution, and notify all PMC chairs of the
>> general Apache parent pom. They are responsible for communicating that
>> with their own community IMO if it is applicable.
> Well, I feel like if I email board@, then I should be talking to _the
> board_ and not everyone else in the room. The promotion of this
> release would naturally be noted in the next board report, as where
> the previous changes when we made them inside the maven project.
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