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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache Aries incubator for Enterprise OSGi
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:46:21 GMT
2009/9/1 Richard S. Hall <>:
> The Apache Felix project, since its inception, has been intended to host
> implementations of the OSGi specifications, which includes both the
> framework as well as other standard services. A framework implementation was
> just one of the goals.
> This proposal seems to be saying a separate project is needed to create some
> illusion of independence from Apache Felix, but the whole point of OSGi is
> to be vendor neutral, so I am not sure I follow the rationale.
> Apache Felix
> subprojects are not tied to the Apache Felix framework subproject and by us
> pretending that they are, it only serves to perpetuate this myth.
> I have no issues with new efforts around and on top of OSGi being incubated,
> but it gets a little trickier when we are talking about implementing
> standard OSGi specs which was the intended community goal of the Apache
> Felix project. Are we supposed to compete now for standard service
> implementations? Or come to some sort of cartel-like agreement about who
> gets what?

Apache has always supported letting a thousand flowers bloom. Multiple
projects can overlap or even have competing implementations of the
exact same specification or idea. (e.g. we've 2 JAXRS providers, 2
JAXWS providers, 2 message brokers, so many web frameworks I lost
track some time ago etc).


Open Source Integration

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