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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Review of cassandra NOTICE and LICENSE requested.
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 21:28:18 GMT
On 08/09/2009, Eric Evans <> wrote:
>  Attached are draft copies of LICENSE and NOTICE files for the cassandra
>  project.
>  LICENSE is monolithic, it contains a copy of all licenses. It is meant
>  to replace the texts we currently keep in lib/licenses.
>  NOTICE contains an entry for all the third-party libraries in our tree
>  (in so much as that information is available).

Does the release actually *include* JUnit, or is that only used for testing?
If so, then it should not be the in the NOTICE file, nor in the binary release.

Is ANTLR actually needed at run-time, or is it only needed for
building the code?
I'm not sure whether it needs to be mentioned in NOTICE if it is only
used at build-time.
It should not be in the binary release if it's not needed at run-time.

The NOTICE file mentions SLF4J, which AIUI is a logging abstraction -
does the binary release include a logging implementation? If so, it
will need to be documented in the LICENSE and NOTICE.

>  It would be great if we could get these reviewed ahead of time so that
>  any feedback could be incorporated before the next release vote.

It's not possible to be definitive about the files without knowing
what libraries are actually going to be included in the binary

>  Thanks in advance,
>  --
>  Eric Evans
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