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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Empire-db version 2.0.5-incubating (take 2)
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:14:52 GMT
On 31/08/2009, Francis De Brabandere <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  The Empire-db community has completed working on Release 2.0.5 and is
>  now looking for approval of the IPMC to publish the release.
>  So far the release has been approved by Empire-db committers, but due
>  to vacation time and other circumstances the Mentors are unable to
>  review the release. Hence in order to get this release out, we want to
>  get a bigger audience for vetting our release. We're hoping our
>  mentors will soon vote, but expect to need more binding votes from the
>  IPMC to make this release happen.
>  Since our previous attempt failed on general@ we prepared a new
>  release. All issues should be fixed except that we still have one
>  distribution archive which should not be a problem.

The new release candidate uses exactly the same name for the artifacts
and the SVN tag.

This makes it very difficult to determine later what was actually voted on.

>  These are the major change from our previous 2.0.4 release:
>  - Maven project management
>  - New database handlers for Apache Derby, H2, PostgreSQL
>  - New Examples showing WebService integration using Apache CXF
>  - Unified distribution file for core and struts2 extensions.
>  Changelog:
>  Maven staging repository:
>  Distribution files are located here

Sigs and hashes seem OK.

The NOTICE files in the jar files are not quite right; there is a
spurious blank line (not a blocker) at the start (probably a bug in
the Maven plugin) and the Project name is incomplete: it should be
"Apache Empire-db ..." not "Empire-db ...".

>  Svn tag:

Lots of missing SVN properties (not a blocker)

The SVN tag contains an "old" directory tree; if this is obsolete, it
should be removed from trunk and the next tag.

If not, then the source needs to be in the archives.

>  Rat report for the tag is available here:
>  (one missing header in a txt file but I suppose this is not a problem)
>  Vote open for 72 hours (or longer if needed).
>  [ ] +1
>  [ ] +0
>  [ ] -1
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