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From Eric Evans <>
Subject [VOTE] Release cassandra 0.4.0-rc2
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 17:14:38 GMT

The Cassandra community voted on and approved the release of Apache
Cassandra 0.4.0-rc2. We would now like to request the approval of the
Incubator PMC for this release.

Cassandra is a massively scalable, eventually consistent, distributed,
structured key-value store.

Podling vote thread:
0.4.0-rc2 artifacts:
SVN tag:
Project home:
Incubation status:

The vote will remain open for 72 hours (or longer if needed).

There were a number of changes made since RC1 to address concerns raised
in previous votes. Among them:

* License texts in lib/licenses where removed and incorporated into a
monolithic top-level LICENSE.txt. CASSANDRA-371

* Attributions for all third-party code was added to the top-level
NOTICE.txt file. CASSANDRA-371

* Commons javaflow was removed. CASSANDRA-428

* The developers/contributors reference in NOTICE.txt was removed, (as
was the actual list in pom.xml). CASSANDRA-415

* Missing SVN properties that had crept in were added, and project
documentation updated. CASSANDRA-429


Eric Evans

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