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From Eric Evans <>
Subject [VOTE] Release cassandra 0.4.0-rc1
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:40:48 GMT

The Cassandra community voted on and approved the release of Apache
Cassandra 0.4.0-rc1. We would now like to request the approval of the
Incubator PMC for this release.

Cassandra is a massively scalable, eventually consistent, distributed,
structured key-value store.

Podling vote thread:
0.4.0-rc1 artifacts:
SVN tag:
Project home:
Incubation status:

The vote will remain open for 72 hours (or longer if needed).

There was quite a bit of discussion surrounding the last IPMC vote, so
here is a list of some of the things that were brought up, and where we
are are on those issues:

* No zip archives

We are still not generating zip archives. Hopefully that won't be an

* Missing SVN properties

This was addressed in CASSANDRA-368 (i.e. the properties are now in

* Licenses in lib/licenses instead of LICENSE.txt

During the discussion, CASSANDRA-371 was created and a reference has
since been added to the bottom of LICENSE.txt that directs people to
lib/licenses for the third-party dependencies.

The reason for putting third-party licenses in lib/licenses was to ease
maintenance, which in turn should help guarantee that this information
is up-to-date and accurate. That still seems like a valid reason so if
possible, I'd like to wait for the resolution of LEGAL-31

* JUnit jar in binary archive

I completely lost track of this after the discussion, and didn't notice
it until after 0.4.0-rc1 was tagged and the artifacts created. I've
submitted CASSANDRA-417 so that it won't be forgotten again.

* Attributions in NOTICE.txt

During the discussion, I explained the rationale[1] behind our
NOTICE.txt, but I'm not sure that went anywhere. The example cited was
Antlr, but by my understanding of the BSD license, there is no
requirement that the attribution be in a top-level file let alone one
named NOTICE.txt.

Again, we're trying to keep things simple so that it is easier to
maintain and as a result, more accurate and up-to-date. But, if this is
a sore spot with IPMC voters, we'll put all attributions, required or
not in NOTICE.txt.

* NOTICE shouldn't have "Developers and Contributors are listed in..."

This is another one I lost track of after the discussion, (CASSANDRA-415



Eric Evans

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