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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject [appeal] Help JSPWiki Graduate!
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 18:08:11 GMT
Dear Incubator,

Taking up Bill Rowe's challenge, it would be great if JSPWiki got some  
feedback on graduation from the old hands here.

 From my (mentor) perspective, the project is almost there, still  
needing to release code under the Apache release process. Summertime  
is delaying things but the JSPWiki 3.0 release should give the project  
what it needs to satisfy the release requirement.

As noted in the last three incubator podling reports [1], community is  
in good shape, licensing is good, still need a release which was held  
up due to a Tomcat bug.

The project is tracking graduation requirements [2] and most of these  
are formalities.


forwarded message from Janne:

> *grin*
> I completely missed this email the first time around. I think  
> JSPWiki would certainly benefit from the attention - we're fairly  
> close to having all the bits and pieces in place (minus a release or  
> two).  It's just that we're slightly unsure as to what to do... When  
> I collected the list of Things To Do Before Graduation (

> ), I think I found at least two, if not three, separate lists.
> Wouldn't mind if you guys took a peek at the different items on the  
> JIRA milestone above and gave your comments.  I (and most of the  
> other devs, most of whom are Europeans) are on holiday right now,  
> but we should be getting back to speed in a week or two.
> Personally, I would like to get most of the issues looked at in  
> advance so that we wouldn't have to bump our heads against the "oh,  
> but your release is missing X, do it all again" too many times.
> /Janne


Craig L Russell
Incubator PMC, DB PMC, OpenJPA PMC

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