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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: IPMC non-performance bitchfest!
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 14:46:33 GMT
2009/8/2 David Crossley <>:
> Joe Schaefer wrote:

>> I certainly agree that mentors need to be a more aggressive
>> in how they ensure these projects are progressing toward
>> graduation.  I don't blame the projects for floundering
>> when there's nobody encouraging them to move forward.
> I believe that the projects should be encouraging themselves,
> and not leaving anything up to mentors. If the mentors need
> to drive them, then something is wrong.

In principle I agree with you David. But in practice I have found the
only way to success is to lead by example. Very few of the projects
coming into the incubator have people willing to speak in public and
potentially show themselves up to be an "idiot". Mentors need to show
that it is "safe" to do so before project leaders come forwards.

> I have made many appeals for projects developers to keep the base
> data up-to-date, i.e. the data which Clutch tries to gather:
> (Maybe the project developers don't listen to general@ incubator.)


> -------
> I have been striving to make Clutch a carrot rather than a stick.
> However that seems to be not working.
> One incentive might be for it to generate a monthly
> summary which gets appended to the board report.
> Very high-level, e.g.
> - how long in incubation
> - still less than three months (therefore not expect green).
> - how many cells of each colour
> Perhaps this would encourage them to achieve more milestones
> before the next report.

I wrote this exact same recommendation whilst reading your email.

If clutch could output the date in a more readable form for individual
projects to cut and past into a report this would:

a) simplify reporting
b) force IPMC/board to examine the raw stats
c) encourage updating of the status files

However, this is a decision for the IPMC not the membership. I've
moved this part of the discussion there.


Ross Gardler

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